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Welcome in our project...!!

is a global project of people who support peace
through their own MESSAGES OF PEACE

As artists and creators, we stand for peace and an end to a policy that is currently marked by violence, war and racism. How many world personalities, organizations and alliances of nations such as ALBA, CELAC, BRICS, UNASUR, . We demand the international recognition of the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, the observance of human rights.

Our solidarity is with all affected people in the eastern Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia and other countries, who have to suffer military force, interferences like coloured revolutions, destabilization or sanctions.

100 years ago, 15 million people lost their lives in WW1. In WW2 over 60 million people alone nearly 30 million citizens of the former Soviet Union were killed. The two World Wars and historical catastrophes like the Nazi Holocaust as a final consequence of nationalism, racism and warmongering must remain always present.

In Berlin, where people from over 150 countries live, we as artists and cultural workers have a special responsibility, to resist together, artistically for a peaceful future.

We ask artists and personalities to participate as supporters, in exhibitions, concerts, interviews, lectures and other cultural events against racism and war. We are active within the movements of Sound Strike, WorldBeyondWar, and Unruhe Stiften.

Over 2,000 artists and cultural workers, other individuals and organizations support the call of UnruheStiften.de against the right, against the shifting effects of the crisis and for redistribution from top to bottom, against the war policy of the german government - and for the promotion of cultural diversity.

All styles and supporters welcome, music, visual arts, authors, poetry, graffiti - cultural sites, clubs, bars, cafes, galleries, social networks please use the hashtag #NoWarArt.

Contact: Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin

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  • to create an exchange : come to act in our place and invite us to act in your place


we invite all Artists and Event Places who support Peace in the world
  • to propose us your shows to be part of our events
  • to invite us to be part of your events
  • to inform us about your events in Berlin and Worldwide,
  • to be listed as artists or places of World Peace Events.