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NO WAR ART is  a Collective of songwriters singing for the Peace on the World.., particularly actually FOR THE PEACE between RUSSIA, UKRENIA, and OCCIDENT..but since long for PALESTINE and all the countries where people actually are oppressed by wars.

"No War Art" Collective is  based at
COOP CAFE BERLIN, Rochstraße 3, 10178 Berlin, tel: 030 25762764

PROJECTS 1, 2, 3 :

"NO WAR ART" is also a nomad Art Event Show and Meeting,
  • 1- a Music  Show + jam session
  • 2- a Multi-Art Show
  • 3- or a  jam session in which each one will show its own art here and there during the jam

All Kind of Art is welcome :
singers, musicians, actors, pointers, dancers, poets, videos, multimedia, photos..etc
and speakers, to share their knowledges ..

  • regulartly based at Coop, every friday, from 9pm
  • but also touring parallement in Berlin, Germany, Worldwide, in others events, projects, ex-changes in which its invited to take place : NEXT PROJECT IS A TOUR EXCHANCE between artists from Berlin touring in Russia and artists from Russia touring in Berlin.



Heinrich Buecker creates  a convivial and constant dynamic around its  bar
open every day from Monday to Saturday from 6pm.

There :
  •   people meet, exchange their ideas, knowledges, competences, and organize or co-organize projects in a atmosphere of mutual-help
  • A cellar in the basement is at disposition for to present or start projects (conferences, concerts, meetings)
  • An internet service and computers are available for all

Rochstraße 3, 10178 Berlin, tel: 030 25762764 http://www.coopcafeberlin.de//
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the MUSIC SHOW (project 1)

Concept of the Show : the songwrites of the collective share the stage and play each one for the other during all the Show...

the MULTI-ART Show (project 2)

Metissia created a Multi-Art Troupe to join the Collective on Big SHows

the JAM SESSION (project 3)

A Jam Session have been created by the collective No War Art for to give the possibility to everybody to express oneself For the Peace in The World,, using Art as form of Expression..All Kind of Art
This stage is open to everybody, whatever the level or age...